Short Stories - Literary Devises Title: Harrison Bergeron

Point of View: Third Person

Protagonist: George, Harrison
What type of character is the Protagonist? Round

Antagonist:Diana Moon Glampers.

Describe the setting: The setting is in the future, everything and everyone is the same and there is no change in anything.

Type of Conflict:Man VS Society.

Describe the main conflict: The main conflict is when everyone finds out that Harrison escaped from jail.

Describe the Climax of the Story: The climax of the story is when a news bulletin was issued saying that Harrison escaped from jail and that he is highly dangerous.

How does the Protagonist change over the course of the story?

Describe the relationship between the title and the theme. The title and the theme relate because it is called "Harrison Bergeron" and he is the main character. It basicly tells you that he is an important character to the story and that what he believes in is important to the story.

How does the main conflict help to illustrate the theme? The main conflict helps to illustrate the theme because the main conflict includes Harrison and how he is standing up for what he believes is right. The story is basicly telling you to stand up for what you beieve is right and never give up on it.

How does the climax help to illustrate the theme? The climax helps illustrate the theme because when Harrison and the ballerina get shot , it shows that they stay true to what they believe is right untill the very end.

Give examples of each of the following literary terms in the story (use quotes):

Simile: "They leaped like deer on the moon"

Metaphor:"The rest of Harrison's appearance was Halloween and hardware."

Personification:"There was a shriek of a door being torn from its hinges"

Symbol:The ballerinas are a symbol of beauty, and freedom.

Foreshadowing (give both elements):

Harrison broke the laws, and the Handicapper General shot him.

When Harrison took off his handicaps you knew something drastic was going to happen

Irony:" She must have been extraordinarily beautiful, because the mask she wore was hideous."

Imagery:"She was referring to the forty-seen pounds of birdshot in a canvas bag, which was padlocked around George's neck."

Describe the relationships between the class theme and the story. The relationship is different from the theme of the story and humanity because humans are allowed to have their own oppinion and are in controll of themselves. In the story everyone is basically told what to do and what they can think.

Humanity Power Point Assignment - see bottom of this page

Harrison Bergeron – Response Questions

1. What has guaranteed equality in the story? All the equality was because of the 211th, 212th, and 213 Amendments to the constitution.

2. How old is Harrison? 14 years old

3. What has happened to Harrison and why? Harrison went to jail because he plotted on overthrowing the government.

4. How has the government made George and Hazel equal? What does George have to wear? And what does this do? The government made Hazel and George equal by making George wear a mental handicap radio in his ear. The radio was a government transmitter that sent sharp noise to people who were smarter every time they tried to take advantage of being smart.

5. What does Hazel say she would do if she were Handicap General?Hazel said she would have chimes ring on Sunday in honor of religion.

6. What is the name of the Handicap General? Diana Moon General

7. What is the consequence for taking lessening the weight of the handicap bag?

8. What reason does George give for not trying to cheat? If George tried to cheat,then other people would try to cheat and soon everybody would be competing with everybody and life would just go back to the "Dark Ages".

· Because of this reason, what can we infer about George’s opinion of the current laws? Because of the way George reacted to Hazels statement it shows that he respects the current laws and the way everything is run.

9. Why wasn’t the news bulletin clear at first to George and Hazel and other viewers? The news bulletin wasn't clear at first because the anouncer had a serious speech impediment.

10. Why did the ballerina apologize about her voice? The ballerina apologized about her vice because it was "a warm, luminous, timeless melody ", and it wasn't like everyone else's.

11. What is the news bulletin? The news bulletin was about how Harrison escaped from jail, and how he was extremely dangerous.

12. Describe Harrison Bergeron with all of his handicaps?Harrison wore giant headphones, thick glasses with wavy lines ment to make him half blind and give him massive headaches. Scrap metal was hung all over him and he wore a big red ball at the end of his nose to offset his good looks. Harrison was ordered to keep his eyebrows shaved and put black caps on the ends of his perfect white teeth.

13. What does Harrison declare on television? Harrison declares that he is the Emperor and that everyone must do what he says.

14. What happens to Harrison? Be specific. Harrison tears his handicaps off himself then selects a ballerina as an Empress. He took off her handicaps and ordered musicians to play music. The two of them sprang high into the air and kissed each other. All of a sudden Diana Moon Glampers, the Handicapper General can through the doors and shot both Harrison and the ballerina.

15. What does this story suggest about human nature? This story suggests that equality does not help society, and that by making everyone equal, you have to downsize everyone to the lowest skill level, destroying all possibility of natural improvement